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Repeatable Revenue

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For thought leaders, content creators, workshop facilitators, and professional service providers.

I'm a great fit when...
Your work is unsustainable.
You've built something people love but delivering it is burning you out.
You have too many options.
There are so many possibilities that you've become overwhelmed.
You want to productize your services.
You wonder if it could work for you.
You have a brand to protect.
Pushy marketing, bridal fonts, and walls of affiliate links just aren't you.  
You have a complex empire.
It's hard to describe how it all fits together and you wonder how it does.
You're not sure what to sell.
You want to build out your offerings and need help on next steps.
Your revenue is unstable.
You want to calm the volatility of your income spikes and droughts.   
You need to talk some stuff out.
You want a peer who can bring some perspective and thought partnership.
“Uncanny speed with the street smarts to simply know what works."
Emily Melious
Founder, Launch Consulting
People have said some pretty nice things about me.
Incredibly warm yet has high standards of quality"
"It's like getting x-ray vision"
"Amazing insight and support"
"Completely unstuck our thinking"
"Completely unintimidated by unknowns and complexities"
"Straightforward, can-do approach borne of deep experience"
"A rare marriage of strategy and operations"
"Valuable insight from Day One"
"Can't think of better team management or dynamics"
"Completely refreshed our approach"
"Expertise paired with communication and leadership"
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Frequently asked questions
How do I know I'm ready for you?
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I work with people at the "wondering" stage through the "overwhelmed by success" phase.
Do I need to have a fully baked class or workshop before we work together?
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You don't need to have a "product" but you do need to have some idea of your topic and a point of view.
I am not sure what my goals are. Do I need those before we start? 
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We can work on those together.
I hate almost everything about this "everyone is a coach" trend. Will I need to become that
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Candidly, we don't need any more indistinguishable rah-rah personalities and pushy sales tactics. My aim is to crystalize what makes you absolutely undeniable and un-copyable, then generate your individual best practices for success.
What if I don't need help with the tech stack part?
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Fabulous! Let's consider that when we discuss how we'll move forward.
How much does this cost?
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Repeatable Revenue packages are priced here. Rates vary according to factors like where you're starting from and how much we are undertaking together. I often like to start with a few exploratory hours at an hourly rate, which are applied to future scopes of work.
Do you give legal or financial advice?
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No. But I'm great at flagging risks and latent issues, and I can help you identify resources.
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