Customer Story

Harnessing Cultural Insights and AI to Rise Above Stale Competition

Moving Risk-Averse Prospects Into the Consideration Stage


Dathic is a data analytics platform that serves CPG companies. Larger, more established players with name recognition and lengthy contracts in place dominate their market. Dathic needed to make a particularly compelling case for risk-averse CPG companies to try something new.


After our discovery phase, it was clear that three characteristics needed to be placed center-stage: Dathic's sophisticated use of AI, its micro-segmentation, and its consultative approach to connecting brands with Hispanic and Latinx communities. 

Competitors were getting away with stale data sets, generalizations, and set-it-and-forget-it client management. Dathic creates custom queries and dashboards for each client. The platform's AI can differentiate between, for example, Puerto Rican and Mexican neighborhoods, whereas other products provide generalized information about "Latinos" in much larger geographic areas. 

With Dathic, distributors can finally understand how to outfit grocery stores with culturally appropriate offerings without the expense of site visits. Further, the platform's ability to offer up details about community attributes like tech fluency means CPGs can confidently spend marketing dollars on geotargeted digital ads rather than billboards. 

We consolidated these key features into three steps: Insights, Predictions, and Recommendations. None of which competitors can deliver on. After refining the brand architecture, we developed messaging and brand voice. New website and collaterals copy followed.


Dathic's pipeline is 20% more full, with clients coming to demos understanding the platform's value propositions. Salespeople spend time answering situationally specific questions rather than going over the platform's basic feature sets.

"Clients are eager to find out if it really can do X," says CEO Laura Rocha. "They understand data points aren't that valuable if you're not asking good questions."

  • Refined sales funnel
  • Identified new market
  • Successfully broke through the sales plateau to a 23x account volume growth in 10 months. 
Laura Rocha, CEO
"After Tasha's work, clients absolutely understand how we're better for them than the competition."
People have said some pretty nice things about me.
Incredibly warm yet has high standards of quality"
"It's like getting x-ray vision"
"Amazing insight and support"
"Completely unstuck our thinking"
"Completely unintimidated by unknowns and complexities"
"Straightforward, can-do approach borne of deep experience"
"A rare marriage of strategy and operations"
"Valuable insight from Day One"
"Can't think of better team management or dynamics"
"Completely refreshed our approach"
"Expertise paired with communication and leadership"
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