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"Secret Weapon" No More: 300% More Good-fit Leads

Learn how Vallozzi Styling improved its DTC sales funnel by offering productized services.

Stylist Rachel Vallozzi has worked with commercial clients like Mattel, GlaxoSmithKline, Gatorade, Keurig, Chewy, and Nationwide, so she's well-versed in high-pressure work for exacting clients. Her other client base -- high profile and high net-worth private clients -- was growing more slowly than she hoped, despite their wild enthusiasm for her work. The referrals that came so easily for Vallozzi on the commercial side just weren't happening on the private side. She uncovered a major issue: 1:1 clients thought of her as a "secret weapon" they were entirely unmotivated to publicize. Leads were going to have to make their way to Vallozzi Styling some other way.


Increase the number of good-fit private client leads coming into the Vallozzi sales funnel.


We took a full panoramic view of her services and what went on in the background to deliver them.  We looked at the deltas between client-speak and professional styling terminology. I learned that Rachel was roughly modeling her 1:1 services on her commercial services: high-touch and lots of heavy lifting behind the scenes.

This had a few implications: 

  • Clients started out unsure what to ask for, making more skittish clients u-turn out of the funnel even if they were a great fit for services
  • Rachel and her team spent substantial time educating prospective clients about styling in general and directing them to appropriate services
  • Poor-fit clients made it too far down the sales funnel before self-selecting out, taking up team resources and time
  • Rachel and her team spent significant effort controlling scope and expectations throughout the service delivery process

After analyzing the various components of her services, we bundled service sets into discreet offers and attached clear price tags to them. We also took a look at what was essential to and special about Rachel's ethos: body positivity, 21st-century gender literacy, queer culture advocacy, tremendous versatility, personal warmth, and vast experience. We identified a sweet spot in her positioning, and designed messaging and offerings to fit. Very slight tweaks to the website's SEO translated into a lot more sales.


  • 300+% increase in leads in six months
  • 125% increase in private clients in 12 months
  • 4x increase in repeat clients
Rachel Vallozzi, Chief Stylist
"Tasha transformed my business, which transformed my life. She put me on a path that just keeps paying dividends."

People have said some pretty nice things about me.
Incredibly warm yet has high standards of quality"
"It's like getting x-ray vision"
"Amazing insight and support"
"Completely unstuck our thinking"
"Completely unintimidated by unknowns and complexities"
"Straightforward, can-do approach borne of deep experience"
"A rare marriage of strategy and operations"
"Valuable insight from Day One"
"Can't think of better team management or dynamics"
"Completely refreshed our approach"
"Expertise paired with communication and leadership"
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